Business, Individual, and Family Donors

We are grateful to the following businesses, families, and individuals who have donated to AEF

between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018.


Business Donors

Albany Ford Subaru

Arkin Tilt Architects

Barnes and Noble Booksellers

Bay Vista Property Management, Inc.

Belmont Village Albany

Daniel Winkler and Associates

East Bay Paint Center, Inc

Fishman Financial Group

Halpern Law Office

I. Song Orthodontics

Little Star Solano, LLC

Marvin Gardens

Mechanics Bank

Streamlined Learning, LLC

Supervisor Keith Carson

Tannahill Realty

The Eucalyptus Foundation

The Sally Outis Memorial Fund In Memory of Jim Walker


Abiud and Laurie Amaro

Jan Ambrosini

Murat Arcak

Earle and Marge Atkinson

Gilberta Avila and Robin Silver


Tina Barber

Robert Barde

Susan and William Barnes

Teresa Barnett and Christopher Ungson In Memory of Jim Walker

Penny Barthel In Memory of Jim Walker

Mary Beach

Marcia P Belvin and Jonathan Knight

Dieter Bender and Sandra Staub

John and Ellen Benson

Linda Berkowitz

Lisa Bernard-Pearl

Renu Bhatt

Eric Biber

Kimberley Bollin and Derek Small

Charles and Kathryn Bowman

Virginia Brothers

Jennifer and Joshue Brown

David Brown and Arlene Immerman

Sanfra Burnett

Donna Butcher

Roumel and Aura Butiong


Peter and Karen Campbell

Judith and Van Carey

Jeffrey Chen and Jane Zhang

Jean Cheng and Eric Chou

Tina Chew

Gary and Helene Class

David and Katherine Clement

Ramona and Elizabeth Collins

Robert and Judy Colvin

Mark Compton

Donna and Robert Cook


Veronica Daly and Sheldon Clark

Lola Danielli

Ronnie Davis and David Goldberg

Robin J Davis and Gerald M Uchiumi In Memory of Jim Walker

Ellen Davis

F. J. and M.W. Dega In Memory of Jim Walker

Catherine DeSchepper

Patricia and Douglas Donaldson

Klaus and Natascha Doppler

Gail and Charles Drulis


Jan Eiesland

Adrian Elfenbaum and Joanne Winter


Jacob and Jamie Fagan

Dawn Fairbanks

Heike Feltes

Sara Fifarek

Mary E. Flaherty Lee and Adrian Tae-Jin Lee

Fang Zhang Flora

Pauline Fong

Jaime and Judy Fukumae


Paul and Judy Giganti for CA Math Festival Program

Obie and Mary Gilkerson

Monica Kwong Gilliam

Jonathan Givner and Elizabeth Elliott

Ruth Gjerde

Christina Godfrey and Nicholas T Loizeaux

Michael Goldbach and Zahra Mahloudji

Judith and Michael Goldman

Rosalie and John Gonzales

Anne Good

Howard Graves and Julie Baller

Barbara and Bob Guletz


Christina W. Haldenwang

Reece and Kira Halpern

Ruthanne Hause

Diana Hayton and Scott Ruffner

John Heathcliff and Elizabeth Gonzalez

Barry and Ellen Hecht

Joseph E Higgins and Claudia L Thio

Samuel Hoffman

Qiuting Hong

Kim and Jonathan Howard

Rondi and David Hurlbut



Joyce and Booker Jackson

Noah P. Jacobs and Juliet M. Hart

Catherine T. James

Farid and Kathryn Javandel

Barbara and Iraj Javandel

Judith and Raymond Johnson


Debbie and Doug Kagawa In Memory of Jim Walker

Kalpana Kannan

Elizabeth Karam

Elizabeth M Keiley-Roark

Jan Kern

Rob Kessler and Sally Benjamin

Rebecca Kim

Meredith and Gerald Klein

Robert and Elisabeth Klein

Thomas and Barbara Klobas

Isabel F Knight


John Lacy and Jennifer Craik

Karen and Eric Larson

Eugene Lee

Caron M Lee and John Murphy

Eric LeGrand

Gui Cheng Lu and Wen Yan Liu

Norman Ludwig and Diane Williamson

Brian and Wendy Lukas

Liwen Mah and Yvette Leung


Joshua and Karen Mahoney

Michele Mangin Woods

Allan and Anne Marie Maris

Bryan Marten and Valerie Risk

Patrick Martin

Richard Masterson and Debra Dove

Donald and Joan Mastronarde

Karen Y. Matsuoka

Kimra and Scott McAfee

Joyce McCallister and Gregory Joksch

Jack McFarland

Howard and Dianne McNenny

Peggy McQuaid

Katherine A Mehler and Christopher Weber

Yu-Ju Gloria Meng

Helen and John Meyer

Simona Miller

Jeannie Montag

Phillip and Karen Moss

James Mullarkey


Nancy Nelson and James McNamara

Hanae Nishioka

George and Maria Norall

Michael A. Norton

Ilana and Elisha Novak


Caryl L. O’Keefe In memory of Alan Riffer

Catherine Obbard

David H. Okawachi

Mark K Okawachi

Ernest J. Oliveras

Muriel Ong In Memory of Jimmy G.S. Ong


Joanna Klaseen Pace

Laura Sue and Raphael Peck

Jonathan Pendleton

Robert M. Pennell

Vandee Phoopairoj

Karen Jo Platt

Wendy Polivka

Kit Prager


George Rathmell In Memory of Margaret Rathmell

Daly Richards

Alexia and Rich Ritchie

Dave Ritzman

Laurie and Michael Roberts

Stephen and Suzy Ronfeldt

Paul Rooney

Stanislav Roumiantsev

Jean and John Royson

Robin and Robert Ryan In Memory of Jim Walker

Juanita and Stephen Rynerson


Jordan Sampietro and Megan Gadsby

Carolyn Sanders

Richard Saskal and Jonna Palmer

Peter and Charna Schakow

Mary E Schinnerer

Sarah E Schroeder

John Shelly and Kerry Dunn

Lee and Mary Shilman

Marietta Shin

Jeff Shipley and Edna Yee

Y Elaine Shishima

Marsha and Mike Skinner

Norman Smith In Memory of Jim Walker

Patrick and Carmina Souza

Kathryn Stambaugh and Tom Mazzotta

Jane and David Stern

William Stern and Laura Gardner

Straus Chin Family Fund

Yinlin Suennen

Angelika and Anthony Szumilo


Diane and Arturo Taboada

Ambar Tamang

Larry and Judy Tannahill

Bryce Tanner

Carla and Jean Tenret

Renee M Theriault and Michael Woo

Karen Tiedemann and Geoffrey Piller

Hye Kyung Timken and Mark

Eytan Urbas


Gretchen Vierstra

Judy and Richard Vohs In Memory of Jim Walker

Perry and Kristie Walker

James S. Watkinson

Kathleen Whalin

Katherine White

Kim and Ken Wolf


Linda and Donald Yamamoto

Goujing Yang

Tom B. Young

Susan Zarchy

Dong Fang Zhang

Phyllis W Zisman