AEF Mini-Grants

The Albany Education Foundation provides grants for teachers.  Educators apply for mini grants in the fall and the grants are distributed before the winter holidays.  These grants provide for specific educational activities that enrich existing programs and the positive things already happening in Albany public schools.  Criteria for mini grants is included in the Grant Application section.







AEF funded project Building a Classroom Library: Building Lifelong Readers. “Thank you all so much for this wonderful grant that helped me transform so many of my students from reluctant or dormant readers into excited ones”.  Sean Krazit











AEF is pleased to award these Mini Grants for 2019-2020.


Albany Children’s Center

Albany Children’s Center

Sensory Bins with Sylvia Jacuinde for 19 kindergarten students

Outdoor Equipment for After School Program with Anna Alvarado for 145 1st – 5th grade students

Art and Science Enrichment with Anjali Jain for 55 3rd – 5th grade students

Two Worm Bins with Kristina Finnegan for 35 kindergarten students

Field Trip to Bay Area Discovery Museum with Sylvia Jacuinde and Kristina Finnegan for 36 kindergarten students

Rest Time Aids with Jamie Shepherd and Katharine Shepherd for 72 Pre-K students


Cornell Elementary School

Field Trip to MIssion Sonoma and Petaluma Adobe with Tanya Finley, Patricia Bruns, Emma Barker, and Jen Gripman for 92 4th grade students

Field Trip to SF MOMA with Emma Barker for 26 4th grade students

“Ordinary to Extraordinary: Transforming Elementary Physical Education” with Joel Gildersleeve for 550 K-5th grade students

High Interest Texts for Reading Lab Library with Natalie Slattery for 30 1st – 5th grade students

Field Trip to Camp Campbell with Jen Gripman for 90 4th grade students

Field Trip to Angel Island Immigration Station with Jen Gripman, Tanya Finley, Patricia Bruns, and Emma Barker for 90 4th graders

Bay Area Children’s Theatre Performance with Beth Shepard, Jacque Wiley, Susan Hughes and Jen Gripman for 112 4th and 5th grade students

Field Trip to Slide Ranch with Debra Desgrosiellier and Christin Feuerstraeter for 69 2nd grade students

Building My Leveled Library with Annie Yuan for 23 2nd grade students

Leveled Classroom Library Space with Ellen Murff, Sophia Rivera, and Ali Falconi for 100 1st grade students

Gardening Project with Jen Gripman for 28 4th and 5th grade students


Ocean View Elementary School

YMCA Camp Campbell Overnight Trip with Caedmon Cebulski for 100 5th grade students

San Francisco Symphony with Ashley Diez, Mimi Ingalls, Maya Kim, and Beth Dunn for 95 students

Annex Exercise and Play with Renee Theriault for 150 1st and 2nd grade students

Owls in the Classroom by Lindsay Wildlife Experience with Mimi Ingalls, Ashley Diez, Beth Dunn, and Maya Kim for 93 1st and 2nd grade students

Angel Island Immigration Station Field Trip with Bridgette Banales, Kevin Corcoran, and Isabel Cohen for 80 4th grade students

Math Centers Expansion with Bridgette Banales for 28 4th grade students

Exploratorium Field Trip with David Coons, Rebecca Eros, and Caedmon Cebulski for 77 5th grade students

Field Trip to Coyote Hills and the John Muir House with Loreen Bruckmann-Harmon, Nicole Shigeta, Rebecca Sprenger, and Ann Griffith for 100 3rd grade students

Updating Classroom Library for Struggling Readers with Susan Goose for 30 ELL students

Ocean View Library Non-Fiction K-5 books with Ray Pedersen for 1st through 5th grade students

Owls Owls Owls with Monica Haywood and Cindy Hatem for 44 kindergarten students

Ocean View Goes to Zellerbach with Rebecca Eros, Caedmon Cebulski, and David Coons for 80 5th grade students

Sit Down!: Flexible Classroom Seating with Rebecca Eros for 28 5th grade students

Community Coach Playground Pros with Isabel Cohen and Rebecca Sprenger for 300 students


Marin Elementary School

Kids for the Bay In Class Experience with Lauren Halperin, Maritza Hiltscher, and Savitri Khalsa for 76 3rd grade students

Keller Beach Bay/Field Study with Kids for the Bay with Savitri Khalsa, Maritza Hiltscher, and Lauren Halperin for 76 3rd grade students

Books (Classroom Library) with Emily Romund for 24 2nd grade students

Books and Inspiration in the Library with Stephany Joffe for 500 1st – 5th grade students

Tools to Promote Calm, Engaged Learning with Savitri Khalsa for 26 3rd grade students

Field Trip to Oakland Zoo with Pansy Lou, Desiree Levrier, Adele King, and Meredith Nguyen for 84 kindergarten students

Owls in the Classroom by Lindsay Wildlife Experience with Ashleah Litchenstein, Daniel Chan, Amy Evoy, and Laura McManus for 96 1st grade students

Catch! (foam footballs) with Naomi Gardner for 26 5th grade students

Ancient Artifacts Presentation – Native Americans with Naomi Gardner, Rochelle Donovan, and Camille Snyder for 80 5th grade students


Albany Middle School

Bay Area Tour with Mary Stocker for 200 students

Integer Children’s Book Project with Kimberly Velasquez for 300 7th grade students

Technology for World Language with Toni Martinez de Borgfeldt, Sophie Chuang, Marta Covarrubias, and Linda Kaiser for 500 students

Battle of the Book Club and Competition with Linda Perez for 40 students

When on Earth?: Geography, Timelines, and People…Together! with Stacy Uyeda for 40 students

Albany Middle School Garden with Marta Covarrubias for 90 students

Bridges Field Trip with Kim Gray for 25 students

Modern Board Game Club with Richard Lew for 200 students

AMS School Play Expenses with Amy Penney for 100 students

Jerry Craft Author Assembly with Linda Perez for 300 6th and 7th grade students

Vertical Learning to Engage ALL Students with Camille Fisher for 125 8th grade students

Class Library for New Reading Approach with Lucy Bryndza for 27 6th grade students

Engaging Classroom Library Books with Nita Fryer for 60 6th grade students

Classroom Library with Rebecca Berkowitz for 90 6th and 7th grade students


Albany High School

Darkroom Consumables with Rachel Hubbard for 25 students

Creating an Inviting Classroom Space with Emily Surowitz for 150 students

Angel Island Field Trip with Juliet Radford and Emily Surowitz for 29 students

Painting and Drawing from the Human Figure with Aliza Cohen for 75 students

Southern California Tour with Mary Stocker for 130 students

AHS Jazz Band Recording Session at 25th Street Recording with Craig Bryant for 25 students

Board Game Activities Grant: Building Communications, Critical Thinking, and Social-Emotional Skills with Shawn Rusich for 111 students

Geology Field Trip to Mt. Diablo Regional Park with Patricia Fujiwara for 40 students

Teen Poetry Slam – Semi Finals with Carla Jorden-Swan for 30 students

Field Trip to Northern California Contemporary Art Center with Aliza Cohen for 44 students

Building a Classroom Library: Building Lifelong Readers with Sean Krazit for 129 students

Navigating Culture And Crushes at AHS: David Yoon Author Visit and Books with Mary Ann Scheuer, Sean Krazit, and Jessica Park for 600 students

Updating AHS Test Prep Books with Mary Ann Scheuer for 600 students

Integrated Science Course Materials with Amber Dinov for 15 students

AHS Juniors to Rosie the Riveter Museum with Michelle Lau-Seim, Mariflorence Hudson, and Emily Surowitz for 325 11th grade students

Ethnic Studies Field Trip to Oakland Museum with Michelle Lau-Seim for 28 students

Field Trip to 9th Circuit Court of Appeals with Chris Knight for 85 12th grade students

Ludoteca en Español (Spanish Playroom) with Lis Arévalo Hidalgo for 150 students

Speech and Debate Club Funding with Emily Surowitz for 25 students

SF African Diaspora Museum Field Trip with Carla Jorden-Swan for 30 students

School relevant DVDs with Carla Jorden-Swan

Movie Field Trip to Harriet at the Albany Theater with Juliet Radford, Carla Jorden-Swan, and Hannah Edber for 172 students and 15 adults

MacGregor High School

Museum Field Trips with Hannah Edber for 15 students

MacGregor Outdoor Ed with Hannah Edber for 15 students


Ocean View/Cornell: Brain Bins Grow Our Amazing Elastic Brains with Annie Alcott, Hanna Miller, Joanie Wickstrom, Maya Kim, Christine Prehn, and April Stewart for 130 kindergarten students

Albany High/MacGregor High: Hands-On, Minds-On Water Kits with Jeanne Cajina for 140 students