Legacy Donor Grants

AEF provides grants to teachers.  These grants reflect the wishes and interests of our legacy donors

Bequest from Albany Resident and Legacy Donor Mary Wallmann

August 26 2014 004Former AEF Board MemberMary Wallmann served as the Albany High School librarian and had a great love of reading. She passed away in 2013, leaving us a generous bequest which was supplemented by donations in her memory from family members and friends.  

August 26 2014 009Recognizing the value she placed on both reading and the availability of books to all children, AEF contributed these funds to provide books for each of the three Transitional Kindergarten classes located at the Albany Children’s Center as well as to establish an onsite library for all ACC students These books will augment those previously donated by AEF to meet the growing needs of the TK program.






Bequest from Albany Resident and Legacy Donor Elisabeth Bell

BellPhotoForUpdate 008

Early in 2013, the Albany Education Foundation received an unexpected and totally surprising phone call that we had recieved a generous bequest from community member Elisabeth Bell.  Needless to say we were overjoyed and determined to use the money in a way that would please and honor Elisabeth.  After long and hard thought and several converstions with the Albany Unified School District, AEF decided to make a commitment for 5 years to support the school libraries.

Later in 2013 AEF board members visited each school site and surprised the librarians with gift cards purchased from Barnes and Noble for an amount equaling one dollar per student. MacGregor High School received five dollars per student due to its low total enrollment. One of the librarians thanked us, writing “Having the money available for books through Barnes and Noble is a HUGE boon to the AHS library. It is so wonderful to be able to get a book for a student or teacher immediately when they request it!”

In spring of 2014, the Elisabeth Bell photo lab was dedicated at Albany High School.  Thanks to the generous bequest by Elisabeth Bell, AEF was able to create an "old fashioned" dark room at AHS for students to learn how to develop film and increase their understanding of photography.AHS photo lab April 2014 001AHS photo lab April 2014 004