MacGregor Culinary Arts

MacGregor Culinary ArtsAlexia Richie, a teacher at MacGregor High School was awarded an AEF Mini-Grant so she and her students could host culinary field trips for students in other Albany schools from kindergarten through 7th grade. The grant also enabled MacGregor students to host fundraisers for the High School’s Culinary Arts Program.

As Alexia wrote, "Our success with the culinary field trips went above our expectations. We were able to work with over 345 students from all three elementary schools and Albany Middle. We complimented topics that students were learning in their classes. For example: using pizza and homemade soda to teach fractions and measurement to 3rd graders; an hors d’ourve party for 1st graders featuring plant parts and the food pyramid; and East Indian cuisine for 6th graders studying ancient civilizations. Next year we hope to continue the field trips and include classes that were unable to attend this year.”

Our fundraisers helped fund MacGregor’s Culinary Arts Class. Our MacGrgor High Waffle Breakfast served 106 people and raised over $650. This was also a chance to bring positive exposure to the students and school which was a very important goal of the projects.”

MacGregor Culinary Project